@kball kball released this Dec 8, 2016 · 3001 commits to develop since this release

Assets 2

Second release candidate for v6.3.0.

To install with npm: npm install foundation-sites@6.3.0-rc2
To install with bower: bower install zurb/foundation-sites#v6.3.0-rc2

To try out with the ZURB template: git clone -b v6.3

Updates from RC1:

  1. Stopgap solution for scss dependency issue (see #9469 and #9458 for the discussion). This is our main outstanding possible blocker for final release. @ncoden and @kball are actively working on a fix.
  2. Update dev dependencies to recent versions (
  3. Update what-input dependency (#9447)
  4. Fix hamburger icon (#9454)
  5. Remove scss that had been deprecated and marked for removal in 6.3 (#9437)
  6. Remove unused parameter in Reveal (#9446)
  7. Refactor breakpoint map handling (#9439)
  8. Fix image load/orbit bug in old IE (#9463)
  9. Fix expanded menu in flexbox mode (#9442)
  10. Fix slider docs page layout (#9453)