Project Roadmap

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Foundation For Sites Roadmap

6.3: RC 11/24, Full Release 12/15

Narrative: Expand the usability and options of tabs and accordions, especially on mobile and keyboard devices. Bring in Cards, new Off-canvas, Type updates, and tons of bug fixes.


jQuery 3.0+ update

  1. Tabs Deep Linking (+ unit testing)
  2. Accordion deep linking (+ unit testing)
  3. Responsive accordion to tabs (+ unit testing)
  4. Cards (+ unit testing)
  5. Drilldown responsive heights (+ unit testing)
  6. Keyboard and other ARIA improvements
  7. (optional) Vertical Rhythm Mode
  8. New Off-canvas
  9. Mutation observers in things like reveal modals, sticky bars, equalizer, and more
  10. Print Styling
  11. Flexbox helper classes
  12. QA For Release

6.3.1: RC 1/19, Full Release 2/2 (tentative)

Narrative: Additional functionality and bug fixes for the most commonly used Javascript components.


  1. Dropdown positioning Fix
  2. Sticky (bugfixes + unit testing)
  3. Drilldown (bugfixes + unit testing)
  4. Orbit (Bugfixes + unit testing)
  5. Fix template issues
  6. QA For Release

6.3.2: Tentative Date: Feb/March

Narrative: Unifying lifecycle and event handling across all javascript plugins


  1. Unified events
  2. Unified callback/lifecycle hooks

6.4: 6/27

Narrative: Moving Apps-specific components into Sites to pave the way for Foundation Everywhere.


  1. ES2015 (ES6) Module dependencies (
  2. XY Grid
  3. Prototyping Helpers
  4. Default flex mode
  5. Rework Menus (


$card-margin variable is now $card-margin-bottom

6.5: Tentative Date: Feb 2018

Narrative: Pluggable Building Blocks: Enable building and importing compound components (e.g. cards or full navbars) that automatically fit your design.


  1. Unify motion-ui integration across all components.
  2. Clearing (
  3. Yeoman Generator

7.0 (2018)

  1. CSS Architecture rework (ITCSS + SMACSS)
  2. JS rework to eliminate jQuery dependency, separate view layer from logic to make it easier to plug into frameworks

Additional notes:

  1. Remove IE9 and IE10 support.

The future: Foundation Everywhere

We don’t think Foundation should pick a javascript framework, rather it should be accessible in every framework. This is learning from challenges and mistakes made while making Foundation for Apps. We believe we should be supporting common Apps use cases but not "picking a winner" in terms of JavaScript framework. Instead we should work with the community to achieve high quality integrations in every framework.

  1. Angular 1 -- Exists
  2. React -- Exists
  3. Ember.js -- Exists
  4. Angular 2/4
  5. Polymer
  6. Vue.js

Other Things to Investigate/Schedule

  1. PostCSS - would there be a benefit to moving to PostCSS? What would we want to do with this?
  2. Progressive Web Apps - are there utilities that make sense as a part of Foundation for Sites that would help support this
  3. CSS Grid - Not sure what the timeline is on this but we should target this, perhaps similar to flexbox mode?
  4. Styleguides - We already include some styleguide stuff in the template, but is there more we can do here?
  5. Themes - Enabling better 'Out of the box' use for non-designers
  6. Tooling to enable more interesting things with SVGs. Ideas include a way to auto-inline to make inner elements accessible to CSS, and some common effects (fills/borders/etc tied in with your pallete, etc)