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// Settings file containing Foundation defaults
// Grid Settings
$rowWidth: 1000px !default;
$columnGutter: 30px !default;
$totalColumns: 12 !default;
$mobileTotalColumns: 4 !default;
// Text Direction Settings
$textDirection: ltr !default; // Controls default global text direction, 'rtl' or 'ltr'
$defaultFloat: left !default; // Change this to 'right' for right-to-left languages
$defaultOpposite: right !default; // Change this to 'left' for right-to-left languages
@if $textDirection == ltr {
$defaultFloat: left;
$defaultOpposite: right;
} @else {
$defaultFloat: right;
$defaultOpposite: left;
// Colors Settings
$mainColor: #2ba6cb !default;
$secondaryColor: #e9e9e9 !default;
$alertColor: #c60f13 !default;
$successColor: #5da423 !default;
$txtColor: #222 !default;
$highlightColor: #ffff99 !default;
$black: #000 !default;
$white: #fff !default;
$shinyEdge: rgba(#fff, .5) !default;
$darkEdge: rgba(#000, .2) !default;
// Font Settings
$headerFontFamily: "Helvetica Neue", "Helvetica", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif !default;
$headerFontWeight: bold !default;
$headerFontColor: #222 !default;
$bodyFontFamily: "Helvetica Neue", "Helvetica", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif !default;
$bodyFontWeight: normal !default;
$bodyFontColor: $txtColor !default;
// Button Settings
$buttonRadius: 3px !default;
$btnBase: 10px !default;
$tinyBtnBase: $btnBase - 5 !default;
$smallBtnBase: $btnBase - 3 !default;
$largeBtnBase: $btnBase + 5 !default;
// Form Settings
$formSpacing: 12px !default;
// Tab Settings
$tabHeight: 40px !default;
$tabTermFontSize: ms(0) -2px;
// Nav Bar Settings
$navBarHeight: 40px !default;
$navFlyoutBaseWidth: 250px !default;
// UI Settings
$thumbRadius: 3px !default;
$progBarHeight: 25px !default;
$progBarBorderColor: darken($white, 20%) !default;
$progBarBorderSize: 1px !default;
$progBarPad: 2px !default;
// Off Canvas Width Settings
$mainWidth: 80% !default;
$complementaryWidth: 20% !default;
// Modular Scale Settings
// $ratio: $golden; // THIS IS DEFAULT IN MODULAR-SCALE
$baseFontSize: 14px !default;
$importantModNum: 44px !default;
$base-size: $baseFontSize $importantModNum;
// Produced the following list of values: 14, 17, 23, 27, 37, 44, 59, 71, 95, 115;
// by Tim Brown
// by scottkellum
// Tooltip Settings
$hasTipBorderBottom: dotted 1px #ccc !default;
$hasTipFontWeight: bold !default;
$hasTipFontColor: #333 !default;
$hasTipBorderBottomHover: dotted 1px darken($mainColor, 20%) !default;
$hasTipFontColorHover: $mainColor !default;
$tooltipBackgroundColor: #000 !default;
$tooltipBackgroundOpacity: 0.85 !default;
$tooltipFontSize: 12 !default;
$tooltipFontWeight: bold !default;
$tooltipFontColor: #fff !default;
$tapToCloseFontSize: 10 !default;
$tapToCloseFontWeight: normal !default;
$tapToCloseFontColor: #888 !default;
$tooltipFontSizeScreenSmall: 14 !default;
$tooltipBackgroundOpacityScreenSmall: 0.85 !default;
// Top Bar Settings
$topBarBgColor: #222 !default;
$topBarHeight: 45px !default;
$topBarBtmMargin: 30px !default;
$topBarTitleWeight: bold !default;
$topBarTitleSize: ms(1) !default;
$topBarLinkColor: #fff !default;
$topBarLinkWeight: bold !default;
$topBarLinkSize: ms(0) - 1 !default;
$topBarDropToggleSize: 5px !default;
$topBarDropToggleColor: #fff !default;
$topBarDropToggleAlpha: 0.5 !default;
$topBarSearchWidth: 200px !default;
$topBarBreakPoint: 940px !default; // Change to 9999px for always mobile layout
$topBarNavToggleSize: 8px !default;
// UI Link Lists
$linkListBottomMargin: ms(1) -22px;
// Media Queries
$screenSmall: 768px !default;
$screenMedium: 1279px !default;
$screenXlarge: 1441px !default;
// Saving for better em-based testing
// $screenSmall: 44em !default;
// $screenMedium: 77em !default;
// $screenXlarge: 104em !default;
// Saving for Sass 3.2 stable release
// $mediaSmall: "only screen and (max-width: 767px)" !default;
// $mediaMedium: "only screen and (max-width: 1279px) and (min-width: 768px)" !default;
// $mediaXlarge: "only screen and (min-width: 1441px)" !default;
// $mediaLandscape: "screen and (orientation: landscape)" !default;
// $mediaPortrait: "screen and (orientation: portrait)" !default;
// $mediaAll: "only screen and (max-device-width: 800px), only screen and (device-width: 1024px) and (device-height: 600px), only screen and (width: 1280px) and (orientation: landscape), only screen and (device-width: 800px), only screen and (max-width: 767px)" !default;
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