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Support for CSSCrush #1241

maticer opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I am using CSSCrush ( which is PHP based CSS preprocessors such as LESS and SASS.
I'm looking for any help and interest of any individual out there to use Foundation framework with CSSCrush. If anyone else out there is already using it, already familiar with SASS (with which I am not) and interested to collaborate, please let me know.


I'm in..

I'd be interested in combining this stack with Wordpress. :)


I am already using CSSCrush, Foundation and WordPress... but have no idea how to proceed with integration of CSSCrush and Foundation's css files.
I would like to have #ofColumns, Foundation Colors, Gutter, etc. in CSSCrush's variables. As I already researched a bit SASS I can not use it with CSSCrush (it is not powerfull enough). Any ideas?


This won't be something we add into Foundation code. Feel free to create this and we'll link it up in the repo and docs!

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