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.fixed .top-bar prevents mouse interaction with adjacent elements #1278

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The fix to Issue #1121 has made interactive elements (eg, links in breadcrumbs) not accessible when placed just under the .fixed .top-bar.

It is position:relative that has made top-bar element opaque including 30px margin below it. Mouse clicks do not reach elements that are within 30px under top-bar.

I think the margin should be removed when the top-bar is .fixed. The following rule resolves the regression:

.fixed .top-bar {margin-bottom:0;}

Tested with latest Chrome & Firefox.

@ghaida ghaida was assigned

Thanks, @yarosla! Could you show us an example of your markup?


Thanks! This code should fix the problem:

.fixed + .row { margin-top: 45px; }

Sorry for not replying in time. I just could not check your proposed solution immediately. Now that I've checked, I can confirm that this does not fix the problem. It only moves content down by another 45px ( already does that via javascript).

As links scroll closer to top-bar they become unreachable same as before. There is a "dead area" below the top-bar due to its bottom margin of 30px. My proposed solution removes that margin as well as the "dead area".

.fixed .top-bar {margin-bottom:0;}
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