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Notable CLI

This is a command line interface (CLI) for Notable, a design feedback application by ZURB. Right now it supports uploading sites to Notable Code. This currently only supports Mac OSX. Other systems are supported by compiling from source.


Use Homebrew to install the Notable CLI.

brew tap zurb/tap
brew install notable

You are now ready to go!


Before you can use the CLI, you must authenticate it with your Notable account.

notable login

Logout by running:

notable logout

Once authenticated, you can run any of the following commands.


To get the latest changes to the Notable CLI, run the following command:

brew up && brew upgrade notable

Upload to Notable Code

Capture any URL, including local URLs, by running the code command followed by the address of the site to capture. For instance, if you have a local application running at localhost:3000 then run the following command to upload it to Notable Code.

notable code localhost:3000

Your browser will automatically open, once captured, to the Notable Code site that you just uploaded.

Capture live sites the same way:

notable code http://www.nytimes.com/

Or use the shorcut:

notable c http://zurb.com/notable

Upload to Notable Notebooks

You can create a Notebook from a directory of images by running the following command from inside the directory you want to upload.

notable notebook create

This command will upload all images in the current directory and open the Notebook in your browser when done.

Or use the shortcut:

notable n create

Compile from source

The provided Homebrew binary is meant for Mac OSX, but if you would like to run the CLI on Windows or Linux based systems, compiling from source is your answer.

The Notable CLI is built in go, so install go then clone down this repository into your working directory.

go get github.com/zurb/notable-cli

Then build it:

go build -o notable

That's it! You now have an executable binary for your OS.