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A small Wrapper for the unofficial MAL API
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Jikanjs is a small Wrapper for the unofficial MAL API For more information about the, please visit the documentation.


npm install jikanjs --save

wrapped jikan Features

  • Anime Parsing
  • Manga Parsing
  • Character Parsing
  • People Parsing
  • Search
  • Seasonal Anime
  • Season Archive (v3)
  • Season Later (v3)
  • Anime Schedule
  • Genre (v3)
  • Producer (v3)
  • Magazine (v3)
  • User (v3)
  • Top
  • Club (v3)
  • Club Members (v3)
  • Meta



const jikanjs  = require('jikanjs'); // Uses per default the API version 3

Modify API Version

It is possible to change the API version and the API Base URL

jikanjs.settings.version = 2; // changes the API version to 2
jikanjs.settings.setBaseURL('apiurl'); // sets the API Base URL
jikanjs.settings.setBaseURL('apiurl', 2); // sets also the api version

API Methods

  • All API functions are promised Based
  • Information of all possible parameter are located at the Jikan REST-ful API documentation
jikanjs.loadAnime(id [, request [, parameter]])
jikanjs.loadManga(id [, request])
jikanjs.loadPerson(id [, request])
jikanjs.loadCharacter(id [, request]), query [, page [, params]])
jikanjs.loadSeason(year, season)
jikanjs.loadTop(type [, page [, subtype]])
jikanjs.loadGenre(type, id [, page])
jikanjs.loadProducer(id [, page])
jikanjs.loadMagazine(id [, page])
jikanjs.loadUser(username [, request [, data]])
jikanjs.loadClubMembers(id [, page])
jikanjs.loadMeta(type, period [, offset])
jikanjs.raw(urlParts [, queryParameter])


To print for example all episodes titles of the anime "No Game No Life" you can do the following:

jikanjs.loadAnime(19815, 'episodes').then((response) => {
    response.episodes.forEach(element => {
        console.log(`${element.episode_id}: ${element.title} - ${element.title_romanji} - ${element.title_japanese}`);
}).catch((err) => {
    console.error(err); // in case a error happens
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