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**Zurmo Open Source CRM**
Zurmo is an open source CRM application written in PHP utilizing jQuery, Yii Framework, and RedBeanPHP.
Our goal with Zurmo is to provide an easy-to-use, easy-to-customize CRM application that can be adapted
to any business use case.
We have taken special care to think through many different use cases and have
designed a system that we believe provides a high degree of flexibility, covering a wide variety of use
cases out of the box.
We don't have a million features. We can never beat out existing players in a feature war.
But considering companies wind up only using a handful of features, we don't think it really matters.
What we have so far is the beginning of a high-quality sales force automation tool.
Stay tuned as we continue to make improvements.
From a technical perspective, we are very excited. We have decided to build Zurmo on three awesome
development frameworks, Yii, RedBeanPHP, and jQuery.
With almost a religious zeal for testing,
you will find that our obsession with test driven development means a more stable application.
Gone are the days of 'upgrade and pray'. Now it is 'upgrade and test'.
We have installation walkthroughs based on different development platforms.
[Windows Installation Instructions for Development using Apache] [wi]
[Linux Installation Instructions for Development] [li]
For support please visit and register for our [forum] [fp] pages.