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Added tag stable for changeset c6a13760621b

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1 parent 8d91a5e commit 13337b7a28ca855f7e99cd5612925470f3d951a3 @ivicaned ivicaned committed Sep 22, 2011
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@@ -22,3 +22,5 @@ a32c6dbeca35d47a25d3b5b5201f5c0a89c7f2e7 unstable
e331ee1d208c44f4ad597418393719398790f818 stable
877a550ba67388717f18cfb256cc48bc78a398eb unstable
51604cc60281b014430f1f01580f30ced8dd5569 unstable
+e331ee1d208c44f4ad597418393719398790f818 stable
+c6a13760621bc5d18e905e32897464dece366a88 stable

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