A Tiling Window Manager for Plan9
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A Tiling Window Manager for Plan9

Weary of your bourgeois operating system and its backwater XML-based init system, but miss the experience of a tiling window manager? Now, you have no reasons whatsoever not to throw off the shackles of the capitalist roaders and make the cutting edge research operating system Plan9 your main distribution!

Patch rio and live free!


Here we have a bumbly old untiled rio session


Zip, Bang, Kapow! With the use of Rio's nifty right-click menu or the key combination Shift-J (You can easily modify this if your setup requires the use of the capital letter J)


With some hacking, you can have fibonacci tiling!


Theres a few other choice keyboard hooks written directly into Rio source, such as moving the active window with CTRL-Shift-J and CTRL-Shift-K.


This tiling window manager is not intended to be used seriously and in reality is a loose collection of hacks

"you have to deal with the shit in order to be the shit" - Rob Pike