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DidYou::Spell -- small wrapper around did_you_mean

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Have you seen this thing in new Ruby (2.3+)?

# NoMethodError: undefined method `cover' for 1..10:Range
# Did you mean?  cover?  <---- This

If you wanted to provide same functionality for your code ("Lexem x is not recognized. Did you mean y?") you can use did_you_mean gem bundled with your Ruby. But it is a bit hard: gem's dictionary lookup interface is a bit hard to follow, and moreover, it changes dramatically from Ruby 2.3 to Ruby 2.4, and standalone gem version (available for Ruby 2.1-2.2) has one more different interface.

did_you solves this problem by providing simple, Ruby version-agnostic inteface to did_you_mean gem.

Important: This library's sole purpose is providing simple, consistent interface between different did_you_mean versions. If your only target version is Ruby 2.4, you can just go with did_you_mean's current way:

  .new(dictionary: %w[param return tag abstract])


Install it as a gem did_you or add gem 'did_you' to your Gemfile. (On Ruby < 2.3 it will install old did_you_mean, on newer ones has no additional dependencies.)

Then just...

# First parameter is word you want to check, second -- known words in the context
DidYou::Spell.check('params', %w[param return tag abstract]) # => ["param"]

That's it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Victor Shepelev