Use your documentation as a specification: parse and evaluate ruby code from markdown
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Dokaz (До́каз) means "proof" in Ukrainian.

Dokaz gem allows you to check all code inside your documentation, and see what it outputs.

It just finds all pieces of

-marked code in your .md files, tries to run it and shows you the consequences.


Just as usual -- by adding gem 'dokaz' to your Gemfile then running bundle install.

Or [sudo] gem install dokaz


dokaz --help

Usage: dokaz [patterns] [options]

Patterns:             one file          only block around line 15
  folder/*.md         all files in folder

  -r, --require      Additional files to require, comma-separated
  -f, --format       Output format ("spec" or "show[case]")
      --help         Shows this message

Dokaz respects .dokaz file in local folder, which should be just its options, each on newline.

Output formats

  • "spec" -- simple "does it work?" check:

--format spec

  • "showcase" or just "show" -- pretty copy-pasteable output of what sample code returns and prints:

--format showcase

You can just insert it back into your docs.

Using it for your project's README

  • Add to project's Gemfile (preferably to :dev group) gem 'dokaz'
  • Create file for example spec/dokaz_helpers.rb, containing all initialization code to include your project files
  • Create file .dokaz, containing:
--require ./spec/dokaz_helpers.rb
  • Run bundle exec dokaz

Using it for your project's GitHub wiki

  • Do the same as above
  • Clone your project's wiki to some directory (outside your project's directory!): git clone
  • At your project's directory, run bundle exec dokaz /path/to/cloned/wiki/*.md

Known issues

  • ridiculously simple, naïve and not tested; though, works for me;
  • all code from all blocks is evaluated in same context (so, if block from one documentation file defines some class or variable, it is visible to all other blocks). Typically, it is reasonable behaviour, yet can produce unwanted effects when your docs demonstrate some metaprogramming or do some serious side-effects.