Just a tracking list of my contributions to the Ruby programming language
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Contributing to Ruby


This repository (in fact, just README) contains and tracks my (zverok aka Victor Shepelev) contributions to discussing/changing of the Ruby programming language. It links to Ruby bug tracker discussions of things I've contributed and proposed and their current status. Rejected/ignored proposals are eventually removed from the list.

Goals of this list is:

  • Public tracking of this part of my work (it is not easy in Redmine to summarize what are currently in progress and what is solved and how);
  • Encouragement for others to participate in Ruby development: hopefully, my example will show that it is possible and meaningful for any of us to make a difference;
  • Exposure of my work on Ruby, however insignificant it is: with primary Ruby development being led in Redmine and SVN, it is pretty hard to point at "what exactly I did", and, well, I am mere mortal and sometimes just being proud.

Ruby features



Contributed to discussions

(The cases where I was not an author of initial proposal, but believe my contribution/pushing for solution was significant enough)

Documenting Ruby