PXE boot (selection) service for dynamic booting of OSses depending on client IP-address and time.
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pboots is a Django project to provide a dynamic web service for booting clients over the network. It currently supports PXELINUX for booting computers depending on their IP-address and the current time. This repository is mainly an draft for one possible way to use the pboots/pxelinux app.

set it up

I assume you have a working PXELINUX (version >= 6) setup on the same server running this web service (that is not necessary at all, just makes this how-to a bit easier) and set DHCP-option 209 to http://your-boot-server-IP/pxelinux.cfg/.


You don't need to set up a hole server-environment to test this, just cp sample-configs/pboots_locale_settings.py pboots/locale_settings.py, open it, set a paths for an sqlite-file and enter a hostname and a secret key (any random combination of ASCII-chars). You can now run puthon manage.py syncdb to set up the databases and a superuser (you will need it later so say yes here). After a python manage.py runserver 80 you can configure your test-setup by going to http://your-boot-server-ip/cfg according to the instructions in pboots/pxelinux/README.md. Note that the page looks ugly only in testing mode since the img and css files for Django-admin are missing.


Just take a look on the files in sample-configs, you should get the idea.