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PXELINUX-Module for the PXE Boot Service (pboots).
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A Django app serving PXELINUX configuration based on time and client IP.

Use this app to manage the boot-behaviour of PXE clients (e.g. PCs in a computer lab) where the desired OS depends on time and network address of the client.


pboots contains this repo as submodule. Go there for a Django project with nginx and uwsgi sample configuration files.


To specify which client boots what and when:

  1. Go to /cfg, click add Item, fill out the form and save.
  2. Repeat the previous step with add Menu and add Machine Set.
  3. Boot the client(s).


Thousands of clients with hundreds of different configurations should be perfectly fine with a Raspberry Pi as server. Keep in mind that this app serves PXE configuration files only, not the OS images wich can (and typically should) come form another machine.

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