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Tyk Documentation

Contains the Tyk Documentation source.

How to Contribute

We recommend contributing in the following way:

  • Fork this repository
  • Clone the forked repository on your machine
  • Create a remote branch, e.g git remote add upstream
  • Fetch from the remote branch git fetch upstream
  • Rebase your branch with the latest remote branch content git rebase upstream/master

The following guide briefly explains how to work with Hugo, you would then need push to your forked repository and then create a Pull Request to Tyk's master branch.

How to Use

Our Documentation is constructed using Hugo.

To Install Hugo

  1. Install Hugo - v0.31 or above
  2. Clone this repository
  3. Run hugo server --theme=tykio --buildDrafts from the tyk-docs/tyk-docs directory
  4. Go to http://localhost:1313/docs to view the docs locally.

Adding and Editing Content

The docs content lives in tyk-docs/content.

Add a new Section

  1. Add a new folder in within the tyk-docs/tyk-docs/content/ Directory. For example new-section
  2. Within your new folder create a markdown file with the same name as the folder (including any hyphens). So for the above folder, create This file will be converted to the equivalent of an index.html file.
  3. You can then create other markdown files within that directory, that you can name as you want.


Front Matter

For each new file, you need to add YAML formated Front Matter:

date: 2017-03-08T18:15:57+13:00
title: Create an Account
    parent: 'Tyk Cloud'
weight: 5

You can create a dynamic, nested navigation hierarchy simply by changing the parent field to the name of the parent page. Note, these names must be unique.

For a new top-level page (like in the example above), the front matter looks like this:

date: 2017-03-08T18:15:30+13:00
title: Get started with Tyk
menu: "main"
weight: 0
url: "/get-started-with-tyk"

Notice that we just define the menu field as a simple string.


The content itself is just markdown that follows the front matter block. When you add and edit new content, Hugo should auto-reload and you should be able to see the changes live in your browser (if not, refresh). Sometimes Hugo gets confused and you may need to re-run it.


Tyk is released under the MPL v2.0 please see the license file for a full version of the license.

The Pipeline

If you push to this repository, Buddy Works will compile and push the static site to our dev server (details in slack).

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