ISRI's OCRSpell as described by doi:10.1007/PL00013558
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Not a real README, just need to leave some notes about building this
thing as it is at the moment.

- building:
  - run autoconf to generate a configure script.
  - ./configure --prefix=/local/ocrspell-<version>
  - make depend
  - make
  # by GCH: I had to add #include <stdlib.h> to lcs2cnf.c and
  # added #include <unistd.h> to addaptive_stats.c, ocrgen.c and
  # intelligent_nonalpha_handler.c to get it to build without errors.
  # There are still many warnings- 
  	# several "warning: ignoring return value of ‘fgets’, declared with attribute warn_unused_result"
  	# several "warning: passing argument 1 of ‘quick_insert’ from incompatible pointer type"
  	# several "note: expected ‘struct statistics **’ but argument is of type ‘stat_link’"
  	# several "warning: call to __builtin___strncat_chk might overflow destination buffer"
  # but it builds and runs. at ~/Downloads/ocrspell-1.0/src/ I run
  # ./ocrspell -a < quick_demo.txt
  # with the result that it complains it can't read ${prefix}/share/ocr.freq
  # that can be fixed by adding a parameter
  # ./ocrspell -a -f ./ocr.freq < quick_demo.txt
  # which brings another error that it can't read  ${prefix}/share/letter_ngram.freq
  # can't fix that through a parameter...
  # So, in configure at line 685 change prefix=NONE to prefix=/home/graham/Downloads/ocrspell-1.0/src
  # and a few lines later change datarootdir='${prefix}/share' to datarootdir='/home/graham/Downloads/ocrspell-1.0/src/share'
  # not sure yet which if these fixed it but...
  # ./ocrspell -a -f ./ocr.freq < quick_demo.txt
  - install files by hand
    - there's no install target.  ocrspell goes in bin, ocrspell.el in
      lib, quick_demo.txt in doc, and those 3 files mentioned above in
      # by GCH: not very explicit, and not guaranteed to work.