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zwavejs TO mqtt

Fully configurable Zwave to MQTT Gateway and Control Panel.

Main features

  • Zwave to Mqtt Gateway: Configure how nodes and nodes values are mapped between the two protocols
  • Secured: Supports HTTPS and users authentication
  • Control Panel UI: Directly control all your nodes and their values from the UI, some of control panel features:
    • Nodes management: check all nodes discovered in the z-wave network and manage their values
    • Firmware updates: update devices firmware, just select the controller action Begin Firmware Update and upload the firmware file
    • Groups associations: add/edit nodes associations
    • Full zwave-js APIs support
  • Custom scenes management: create scenes and trigger them by using MQTT apis (also supports timeouts)
  • Log debug in UI: See debug logs directly from the UI
  • Store directory management: all files are stored in store folder, you can download/edit files inside this folder directly from the UI
  • Network graph: see how nodes are communicating with the controller, useful for diagnostics purposes
  • Home Assistant integration: you can use official Zwavejs integration by enabling zwavejs server or use integrated MQTT discovery integration


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