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fs = require 'fs'
path = require 'path'
{spawn} = require 'child_process'
{EventEmitter} = require 'events'
temp = require 'temp'
hogan = require 'hogan.js'
class XeLatex extends EventEmitter
constructor: (@outputDirectory)->
@output = ''
process :(file)->
xelatex = spawn 'xelatex', ['-interaction','nonstopmode','-output-directory',@outputDirectory,file]
xelatex.on 'exit', (code)=>
if code is 0
filename = path.basename file, '.tex'
@emit 'done',path.join @outputDirectory,"#{filename}.pdf"
@emit 'error',new Error "xelatex exits with #{code}\n#{@output}"
xelatex.stdout.on 'data', (data)=>
@output += data.toString()
rmdir = (dir,callback) ->
fs.readdir dir,(err,files)->
if err
return callback err
removedFiles = 0
for filename in files
file = path.join dir, filename
fs.unlink file,->
removedFiles += 1
if removedFiles is files.length
fs.rmdir dir,callback
cachedTemplates = {}
render = (source,data,callback)->
if source not of cachedTemplates
fs.readFile source,'utf-8',(err,sourceContent)=>
renderFromTemplate (cachedTemplates[source] = hogan.compile sourceContent),data,callback
renderFromTemplate cachedTemplates[source],data,callback
renderFromTemplate = (template,data,callback)->
temp.mkdir 'xelatex',(err,dirPath)->
tex = template.render data
fs.writeFile path.join(dirPath,'output.tex'),tex,->
xelatex = new XeLatex dirPath
xelatex.process path.join(dirPath,'output.tex')
xelatex.on 'done',(path)->
readStream = fs.createReadStream path
readStream.on 'end',->
rmdir dirPath,->
callback null,readStream
xelatex.on 'error',(err)->
callback err,tex
module.exports =
XeLatex: XeLatex
render: render