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Replication archive for " Ein strukturell-dynamisches Vorhersagemodell für Bundestagswahlen."

published in Politische Vierteljahresschrift 58 (3): 418-442

by Simon Munzert, Lukas F. Stoetzer, Thomas Gschwend, Marcel Neunhoeffer, Sebastian Sternberg

We ran this code using R 3.4.1 and RStudio 1.0.153. We last checked it on September 13, 2017.

The archive consists of three folders - code, data, and graphs.

  1. Replication Archive/code. The folder contains the .R scripts required for estimation and visualization of the results as in the paper (both figures and tables). - estimation.R - contains the code for the structural and dynamic models estimation. Results are saved in "Replication Archive/data/model_output". - visualization.R - contains the code to reproduce Figures 1-7 and Tables 1 and 2 in the paper. Graphs and tables are saved in "Replication Archive/graphs". - functions.R - includes all the functions used in both estimation and visualization. File is sourced in the main scripts. - packages.R - includes all the packages used in both estimation and visualization. File is sourced in the main scripts. - structural_model.jags - Structural model file - polling-model.jags - Dynamic model file

  2. Replication Archive/data. This folder contains the data required for estimation as well as models output. - Replication Archive/data/model_input

    • ger_model_df.RData - dataset with election data from 1949 - 2017
    • polls_comb_results - dataset with poll results from seven agencies
  • Replication Archive/data/model_output
    • structural_forecasts.rds - results of structural model estimation
    • structural_jags_simulations.rds - results of structural model estimation
    • structural_summary.rds - results of structural model estimation, selected quintiles from draws
    • Replication Archive/data/model_output/dynamic_model - contains the .rds files with results required for exact replication of the figures and tables
  1. Replication Archive/graphs - the folder contains the figures and table data from the paper. Those are re-written if the model is re-estimated.

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