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Making OpenCL work on an AMD GPU on Ubuntu 16.04
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Patches to make OpenCL work on my AMD FirePro GPU on Ubuntu 16.04.

Background is in my blog post OpenCL on a dual graphics Dell M4800.

This repository collects the fixes and patches I applied to the AMDGPU-PRO packages and Catalyst Pro (fglrx) driver to make them work and install cleanly on Ubuntu 16.04.

Please note that this is only about the OpenCL (computational) bits of these packages. I don't use the GPU for graphics. Both AMDGPU-PRO and Catalyst (fglrx) contain a package which implements an OpenCL platform exposing both the CPU and the GPU as OpenCL devices.

See my blog post for all information.

File Description Script to fix various issues in the fglrx-core Debian package.
fglrx-core-15.302-driver.patch Driver code patches to make fglrx work on kernel 4.4 (gleaned from
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