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Welcome to the AirCombat wiki!

Example 1

AirCombat is a simple game with simple rules:

  1. Don't get hit by anything
  2. Don't let enemies pass you
  3. Have fun!


This game is my first experience using QT, and a way for me to practice doing so. I simply made this game to familiarize myself with some basic QT. It has yet to have any optimzations applied and yet to be fully finished. For information regarding preformance boosting optimizations click here TODO.


Please read the wiki issues page before diving in TODO


This application requires the use of the graphics library QT. It requires qmake 5.7 and C++ 11 to build.

Installation Instructions:

First, cd into the directory you would like to install this application in

Then git clone this repository

git clone

Create your build directory as follows

mkdir AirCombat/build && cd AirCombat/build/

After that run qmake and make with the command below

qmake ../AirCombat/ && make


This application takes no arguments. Just open it like you would any application.

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