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Are you an RPI dual major? Have you ever noticed that if you try to view your CAPP report on SIS you only get the CAPP report for your primary major? We have, and that is why we are creating CAPP Reporter!

This application is being made to allow single, and even dual majors to get an accurate CAPP report! As you enter the courses you have taken, this open source application will allow you to view what courses you must take to graduate! No more needlessly worrying and fussing that you may have made a mistake while trying to discover what you need by hand!

This application will have a user friendly GUI and should update the courses that need to be taken as you type. Furthermore, since you enter the courses manually you can enter the courses you will have taken by the end of next semester if you wish!

Currently this application is being made only CS, MATH, and CS/MATH dual majors (due to time restrictions) however we intend to extend it in the future. The process for adding majors is simple, but very detalied and requites meticulous work. To extend this project to incorporate many majors, it would take the effort of a few dedicated developers as each combination of majors has their specific requirements and special rules. However, the language that is used to implement the logic is documented well enough that anyone that desires to do so could make a pull request and implement whatever majors they wish.


This application only handles general cases. Many 'corner cases' may occur, many of which are not listed RPI's websites. Please be aware, because of this, the results may not be 100% accurate. However, we are making this application pessimistic, so it will likely not tell you that you have satisfied a requirement which you have not. Regardless, as this application is still in it's infancy, we strongly recommend you double check your results by hand. One important, still un-implemented, feature of this is recognizing cross listed classes. If you enter a cross listed class, it will only consider it for the major you entered it as. For more info, please visit the Issues page on the Wiki.


This application requires the use of the graphics library QT. It requires qmake 5.7 and C++ 11 to build.

Installation Instructions

First, cd into the directory you would like to install this application in

Then git clone this repository

git clone

Create your build directory as follows

mkdir CAPP-Reporter/build && cd CAPP-Reporter/build/

After that run qmake and make with the command below

qmake ../GUI/ && make

Finally relocate the 'Database' to the location of the created binary. With that, you should have a functional CAPP-Reporter application!


This application takes no arguments, but must be opened by the binary.


A CAPP Reporter for RPI dual majors!







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