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#Welcome to the RPI-Campus-Paths wiki!

Example 1


Are you a new student at RPI, someone who often gets lost, or a returning student who is trying to locate a building you had heard of but never visited? If so, this application is for you! RPI-Campus-Paths finds the shortest walk-able path between any two points at RPI. This application gives the user's instructions on how to get from point A to point B using known landmarks, a map, and even using the cardinal directions.


This application was made with a finite set of data points in the year 2015. It uses RPI's campus map of 2015 for it's information.


This application was written in Java 8, and requires a compiler which supports it

##Installation Instructions:

First, cd into the directory you would like to install this application in

Then git clone this repository and cd into it

git clone
cd RPI-Campus-Paths

Compile the program as follows

mkdir build && javac GUI/ -d build/ 

Finally relocate the 'MapInfo' directory

mv MapInfo/ build/MapInfo/

##Usage This application takes no arguments. Run it as follows

cd build
java GUI/RPICampusPathsMain
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