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Downloader Toolset for Unix-Based Systems
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A Downloader Toolset for Unix-Based Systems

LoadBox is a set of scripts crafted to help people set up a secure automated downloader system with unique features.

The aim is to create a reliable, controllable, always-available and secure solution for setting up an automated downloader station without being worried of storage limitations.

Its mainly designed to run on Raspberry Pi, but it can be used on other similar unix-based systems and even virtual boxes. The solution is not limited to a specific architecture and can run on all variants of x86, ARM, etc.

It has numerous features including Torrents support, Scheduling, Network Sync, Downloading to Network Target, Flash Disk Hotplugging, Protected Web Interface with HTTPS and Authentication and Download Resume support even in case of accidental power loss or disk unplug, unless the server denies.

It also supports smartphone notifications using IFTTT recipes and HTTPS web interface powered by Let's Encrypt certificates.

Read More at wiki: What is LoadBox?

Get Started

  1. Installing
  2. Configuration Reference
  3. Security
  4. Flash Disk Hotplug
  5. Network Target
  6. Network Sync
  7. Scheduling

Persian Introduction | معرفی به زبان پارسی

##License MIT (Expat) License

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