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6. Network Sync

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Network Sync feature helps you to move completely downloaded files from local storage (e.g. Flash Disk) to Network storages to free up disk space.

It uses two network locations as copying target. If the first one fails, it will retry to use the optional second one. And, if none of them were available, it will wait till one of them gets online and then transfers the files.

You have to define network storage(s) on your /etc/fstab file before using this feature. Then, you can enable it by editing the following options on file. For instance, assuming /media/nfs1 and media/nfs2 mount points:




This will move downloaded files to /media/nfs1/CompletedDownloads and uses /media/nfs2/CompletedDownloads as a fallback option.


  • It's different from Network Target feature.
  • The second storage is optional.
  • NETWORK_DIR1 is the mount point of first network storage and NETWORK_SUBDIR1 is the relative path to target directory on NETWORK_DIR1.
  • The subdirectory should be started with the beginning slash.
  • If the storage is only mountable by the root, you'll have to set ARIA2C_WORKING_USER to root. It's not recommended to run aria2c daemon as root. Instead, you can specify user option at the respective entry on /etc/fstab file to make it mountable by normal users.
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