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8. Push Notifications

Mehran Ahadi edited this page Oct 27, 2016 · 1 revision

You can use IFTTT Maker channel to push notifications to your smartphone on download completion or fail. You need to register for a free accout at IFTTT and install it's app on your phone. After registering on IFTTT website, activate Maker channel to get a customer key and place it on the file under IFTTT_MAKER_KEY directive. Also, you can alter IFTTT_MAKER_EVENT directive to a unique one if you're using multiple LoadBox instances to be able to distinguish between their notifications.

Now you can create any recipe on IFTTT to use notifications sent by LoadBox. Here is a premade recipe which shows LoadBox Notifications on Smartphones: LoadBox Push Notification Recipe. All you need is to set Event name identical to one you set on IFTTT_MAKER_EVENT directive in configuration.

Contents of the notification will be posted on {{Value1}} variable of the Maker channel. As an example, the structure used in the premade recipe looks like below:

LoadBox: {{Value1}} {{OccurredAt}}

It will result in notifications like LoadBox: Downloading completed. October 27, 2016 18:34. You can use different structures or even put the messages on different usages; like logging them on your OneNote, e-mailing them to yourself, etc.

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