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Question and answer webiste (stackoverflow clone)
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A simple question and answer website based on tornado + mongodb. Try to be a stackoverflow clone.

I wrote it on python 3.4 and didn't test with python 2.


  1. Setup mongodb and run it. I'd like to use docker.

     #docker pull mongo:latest
     #docker run --name mongo -p 27017:27017 -d mongo:latest
  2. Install required python3 modules.

     #pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  3. Setup settings and run.

     change the oauth2 related settings. Then

Implemented Features

  1. OAuth2 login.
  2. Ask question and post answer (markdown editor); comment and vote supports
  3. Versioning of answers and questions
  4. A standalone mobile template


  1. Security:

    • need to care about script when adding transfered markdown to page, need to use security html (I heard that there is a subclass of html which is safe)
  2. Content

    • To save the mongdb space. Need to check if the edited new version is same as old version or only slight changes, if same, don't insert a new version, if slight changes, ..... I don't have a idea now.
  3. Solr integrated

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