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vscode extension for proto3
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Protobuf 3 support for Visual Studio Code


  • proto3 support.
  • syntax highlighting.
  • syntax validation.
  • code snippets.
  • code completion.
  • code formatting.
  • brace matching.
  • line and block commenting.


Syntax Highlighting

The grammar is written in tmLanguage. It is written in JSON format and then converted to XML format using vscode-tmlanguage extension.

Syntax Validation

The validation is triggered when you save the proto file. You need protoc compiler to enable syntax validation. You also need a settings.json file to tell the extension the full path of protoc if it is not in path. Bellow is the settings.json file comes from example/.vscode folder:

    "protoc": {
        "path": "/path/to/protoc",
        "options": [


Variable Description
config.* Refer settings items in Preferences.
env.* Refer environment variable.
workspaceRoot Returns current workspace root path.

Code Completion

A very simple parser is written to support code completion.

Code Snippets

prefix body
sp2 syntax = "proto2";
sp3 syntax = "proto3";
pkg package;
imp import "path/to/other/protos.proto";
ojp option java_package = "";
ojoc option java_outer_classname = "ClassName";
o4s option optimize_for = SPEED;
o4cs option optimize_for = CODE_SIZE;
o4lr option optimize_for = LITE_RUNTIME;
odep option deprecated = true;
oaa option allow_alias = true;
msg message MessageName {}
fbo bool field_name = tag;
fi32 int32 field_name = tag;
fi64 int64 field_name = tag;
fu32 uint32 field_name = tag;
fu64 uint64 field_name = tag;
fs32 sint32 field_name = tag;
fs64 sint64 field_name = tag;
ff32 fixed32 field_name = tag;
ff64 fixed64 field_name = tag;
fsf32 sfixed32 field_name = tag;
fsf64 sfixed64 field_name = tag;
ffl float field_name = tag;
fdo double field_name = tag;
fst string field_name = tag;
fby bytes field_name = tag;
fm map<key, val> field_name = tag;
foo oneof name {}
en enum EnumName {}
sv service ServiceName {}
rpc rpc MethodName (Request) returns (Response);

Google API Design Guide

The following snippets are based on Google API Design Guide.

prefix reference
svgapi Standard Methods

Code Formatting

Support "Format Document" if clang-format is in path, including custom style options.

By default, clang-format's standard coding style will be used for formatting. To define a custom style or use a supported preset add "" in VSCode Settings (settings.json)

Example usage:

"": "google"

This is the equivalent of executing clang-format -style=google from the shell.

For further formatting options refer to the official clang-format documentation

Known Issues

Auto-completion not works in some situations.

Release Notes


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