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This enables position independent and multi-symbol detection for
DataMatrix (if the compiler supports building c++20 code, otherwise
cmake will fall back to c++17).

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ZXing-C++ ("zebra crossing") is an open-source, multi-format linear/matrix barcode image processing library implemented in C++.

It was originally ported from the Java ZXing Library but has been developed further and now includes many improvements in terms of quality and performance. It can both read and write barcodes in a number of formats.


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Named Sponsors:

Thanks a lot for your contribution!


Supported Formats

Linear product Linear industrial Matrix
UPC-A Code 39 QR Code
UPC-E Code 93 Micro QR Code
EAN-8 Code 128 Aztec
EAN-13 Codabar DataMatrix
DataBar DataBar Expanded PDF417
ITF MaxiCode (partial)


  • DataBar used to be called RSS.
  • DataBar, MaxiCode and Micro QR Code are not supported for writing.
  • Building with C++20 (see CMakeLists.txt) changes the behaviour of the library: it then supports multi-symbol and position independent detection for DataMatrix. This comes at a noticable performace cost. To enable this in the Android library, one needs to use at least NDK version 25.

Getting Started

To read barcodes:

As an example, have a look at ZXingReader.cpp.

  1. Load your image into memory (3rd-party library required).
  2. Call ReadBarcodes() from ReadBarcode.h, the simplest API to get a list of Result objects.

To write barcodes:

As an example, have a look at ZXingWriter.cpp.

  1. Create a MultiFormatWriter instance with the format you want to generate. Set encoding and margins if needed.
  2. Call encode() with text content and the image size. This returns a BitMatrix which is a binary image of the barcode where true == visual black and false == visual white.
  3. Convert the bit matrix to your native image format. See also the ToMatrix<T>(BitMatrix&) helper function.

Web Demos

[Note: those live demos are not necessarily fully up-to-date at all times.]

Build Instructions

These are the generic instructions to build the library on Windows/macOS/Linux. For details on how to build the individual wrappers, follow the links above.

  1. Make sure CMake version 3.15 or newer is installed.
  2. Make sure a C++17 compliant compiler is installed (minimum VS 2019 16.8 / gcc 7 / clang 5).
  3. See the cmake BUILD_... options to enable the testing code, python wrapper, etc.
git clone --single-branch --depth 1
cmake -S zxing-cpp -B zxing-cpp.release -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
cmake --build zxing-cpp.release -j8

[Note: binary packages are available for/as vcpkg, conan, mingw and a bunch of linux distributions.]