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0.1 (09 Nov 2007)
- Initial release
0.1.1 (11 Nov 2007)
- Fixed bug decoding version 0 QR Codes
- Now default zoom is 2.5x in Java ME client
0.1.2 (28 Nov 2007)
- Issue 11 fixed: Build problems on Windows
- Can now build "ZXingReaderBasic" which does not require JSR-234
- Issue 14 fixed: release .zip builds into one directory
0.1.3 (7 Dec 2007)
- Unit test for QR Code decoding
- Added EAN-13 support
- Now builds with class file format version 1.2 -- may solve some compatibility issues?
- Fixed obfuscation step bug causing NoClassDefFoundError
0.1.4 (13 Dec 2007)
- Added Blackberry client build script -- does not yet work
- Big change to handling of content of barcodes:
- moved from core-ext to core
- Rewritten for J2ME
- core-ext removed
- J2ME client now uses this code for better parsing/handling of results
0.2 (07 Jan 2008)
- Few small bug fixes in AlignmentPatternFinder, MultiFormatReader
(thank K. Kakima, Andreas)
- LCDUIImageMonochromeBitmapSource now public
- Notably improved decoding for Basic version -- Regular version still
your best bet if you can run it though
0.2.1 (16 Jan 2008)
- Slight tweaks and enhancements to decode and runtime performance of UPCDecoder
- Added black-box test suites against a known set of images
(Thanks to Enrique G. S. for additional images)
0.2.2 (22 Jan 2008)
- Now includes junit locally to build tests
- Fixed "MIDlet" name in MANIFEST.MF, which may solve some problems
- Friendlier error message when barcode can't be found
0.3 (04 Feb 2008)
- Major refactoring of 1D barcode decoding
- Added support for UPC-E, EAN-8
- Also added Code 39, Code 128 support -- may need refinement
- Now any "game" key triggers photo capture
- Workaround implemented for Nokias that use "capture://image" in MMAPI
- UPC codes now trigger lookup to
0.4 (15 Feb 2008)
- First release of Android client -- only guaranteed to work with "M3"
builds so far.
- Major reorganization of current test cases and data
- Worked around ProGuard issue with paths with spaces on Windows
- Phones that don't like FocusControl.AUTO_LOCK won't cause an error now
- Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in 1D barcode decoders
- Worked around "java.lang.Error 136" from Nokia N70 (?)
- Fixed bug in Shift_JIS detection and implemented basic UTF-8 detection
for nonstandard QR Codes that don't use ISO-8859-1
0.4.5 (22 Feb 2008)
- Checked in first minimal working Blackberry client. Still quite crude.
- Fixed UTF-8 detection again
- Refactored Reed-Solomon to allow different GF(256) primitive polynomials,
in preparation for Data Matrix
- Slight improvement to 1D decoding accuracy, most noticeable in
improvements to Code 128 decoding
- Bug fix in Code39Reader -- typo in encoding of letter "I" and "0"
- Bug fix in 1D readers -- error in counting black/white pixel counts
in certain situations
- Now supports Extended Code 39
- Tiny bug fix to QRCodeReader for images that extend all the way
to top or left
- Android client now builds with ProGuard optimization
0.5 (05 Mar 2008)
- Improvement in QR Code decoding accuracy on non-JSR-234 phones
- Supports "URLTO" data in barcodes.
- Restructured ParsedReaderResult parsing code to not use so many
exceptions, for more efficiency.
- "TRY_HARDER" decoding hint now supported. Will do more work in some cases
to find an image, such as scan for 1D barcodes at a right angle and
backwards. Only recommended for non-mobile applications.
- Result now indicates the format of the decoded barcode with a
BarcodeFormat instance
- More intelligent handling of POSSIBLE_FORMATS decoding hint
- Fixed sub-optimal handling of EAN-13 barcodes which encode a string
starting with "0". These are now returned as a full 13-digit string
from EAN13Reader, but will continue to be construed as 12-digit UPC-A
codes from the MultiFormatReader.
- A host of small bug fixes, including bug in Version 25 QR Code support
- A round of code cleanup and refactoring from IntelliJ inspections
0.5.5 (12 Mar 2008)
- Revert change that rejected BufferedImage of type TYPE_CUSTOM in javase
- Now supports KDDI/AU / Softbank address book format
- Now can read Android "Intent" URIs (Android only)
- Modest improvements to efficiency of J2ME client: shorter autofocus,
better use of threads
- First checkin of Data Matrix decoder code. Not yet enabled in reader
- "Result" object now returns raw bytes decoded; maybe useful in some cases
- More unit tests for common code, EAN-8, UPC-E
0.6 (28 Mar 2008)
- Updated android client to work on latest M5 SDK; M3-compatiable version
preserved in android-m3
- Added tel: URL support to clients
- Added geo: URL support; only enabled for Android client so far
- Added initial support for short NDEF messages, but not yet enabled
- Bug fix to corner-case of perspective transformation code
- Now attempts to configure camera's exposure controls if available
- Fixed rotation transform used in "try harder" mode; result did not
contain the whole image
- "Try harder" mode tries 2D formats first to avoid false positives
in detailed search for 1D codes, in some cases
- More aggressive inlining by ProGuard, notable performance boost
- Small Reed-Solomon optimizations for 0- and 1-error case
- Refactored GridSampler out into common package for use by Data Matrix
- GridSampler now smarter about bounds checking and point nudging;
should avoid some ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException issues
- More unit tests
0.7 (5 May 2008)
- Added support for MobileTag message formats
- Added source to
- Significant work on Android clients, including UI overhaul and
continuous scan mode
- Bug fix: ResultPoints from 1D barcodes were wrong
- SKIP_N_BARCODES hint now gone, and associated logic has been transferred
to individual project users, as it is fairly app-specific at this point
and is beginning to complicate the core library. We can help other users
who need this functionality on a case-by-case basis.
- Bug fix in AddressBookAUParsedResult parsing
- Possible workaround for NoSuchMethodError on Nokias
- New shell of an iPhone client committed
- ... and other assorted small improvements and fixes
0.8 (16 Jun 2008)
- FinderPatternFinder now isn't fooled by false-positive finder patterns
in some rare cases
- Added SMSTO: support, expanded mailto: support to include subject and body
- Now should properly unescape URLs in appropriate cases; better handling of
mailto: and tel: URIs (won't get modified by the library)
- Optimized 1D decoding to use integer math
- Small bug fix / improvement in BlackPointEstimator's estimates
- 1D decoding now applies a light sharpening filter
- Refactored and simplified MonochromeBitmapSource implementations
- Removed android-m3/ directory, no longer in active development. The current
Android client remains in android/ (M5 SDK)
- Restored ability to read upside-down 1D codes without try-harder mode
- Added a crude GUI-based decoder to javase/, for the interested
- core/ is now independent of MIDP; only requires CLDC 1.1
- Added optimized build of core library
- Unit tests now use local copies of images
0.9 (11 July 2008)
- First draft of iPhone client committed
- core module now built in a way that makes it function as an OSGi bundle,
and also supports deployment in BugLabs's BUG platform.
- Added client for BUG platform courtesy of
- Big refactoring of to separate idea of result
parser from result value objects
- Added basic vCard 2.1 support
- Added basic BIZCARD format support
- Added basic iCal format support
- Added new calendar event parsed result type
- Fewer false positives in 1D detectors, notably Code 39 and Code 128;
new unit tests for false positives
- Now parses and tries to act on ECI designators in QR Codes
- Merged "basic" and "regular" J2ME readers into one unified app that should
work on platforms with and without JSR-234 support
- Removed dependence on Ant 1.7 (1.6 needed now)
- Web application at now shows raw bytes
- Far more black box tests
- Assorted small bug fixes
1.0 (12 September 2008)
- All new RIM client from LifeMarks
- Initial Data Matrix detector included
- New and much improved Android 0.9-SDK compatible Android client
- Better 1D detection, especially UPC-E, due to loosened quite zone checks
- URIParsedResult now tries to warn about malicious URIs
- New parser for ISBNs
- New QR code blackbox images
1.1 (22 October 2008)
- First public release of iPhone client called Barcodes
- Completely new multi-action Android client UI, released as Barcode Scanner v2.3
- Code 128 parsing fixes
- Dozens of new blackbox test images
- Many small core library parsing improvements and bug fixes
- Improved quiet zone enforcement which reduces false positives significantly
- Better calendar event and MECARD support
- Compatibility with the Android 1.0 SDK
- Added androidtest app for testing intents and capturing blackbox test images
1.2 (23 December 2008)
- New Android benchmark application to time decoding performance
- Dramatic performance improvements for worst case images (up to 2x faster)
- Expanded blackbox unit tests with many new test images
- Many small decoding improvements and bug fixes
- New Share functionality in the Android client which encodes contacts, bookmarks, or the
clipboard contents as a QR Code for a friend to scan with their phone
- Locale-specific Android client which picks the right TLD when connecting to Google
- Support for Furigana in the Android client, and better parsing of Kanji in core
- Added the ability to import and export multiple phone numbers and emails for a single contact
- Native QR Encoding added to the ZXing library - no need to send request to ChartServer
- New ITF barcode format support from Kevin O'Sullivan at SITA
- New HTML help system for the Android client
- New web-based QR Code encoder at based on GWT
1.3 (11 March 2009)
- New C# port from Mohamad Fairol
- ITF format scanning now on by default
- Many new blackbox test images
- Better QR Code detection
- Better Android Intent handling
- Improved email parsing
- New Android Integration module to make life easier for third party ZXing users
- More robust URI parsing
- Many other small improvements and bug fixes
1.4 (26 Oct 2009)
- Wider viewfinder in Android app to account for better close-range focus
- More Android app translations: Spanish, Italian, Russian, French
- Support for more devices, Cupcake, Donut
- Worked around two important, related callback issues in Donut/Cupcake that stopped scanning
- New custom search in Android app
- New framework for evaluating the black point of an image
- Many many small bug fixes, refactorings, small improvements, new versions of dependencies
1.5 (5 March 2010)
- Android app:
- Shopper integration
- Tries to activate front light on some devices
- Xperia et al. support with new screen sizes
- Translations: Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Finnish
- "Thinking" visualization
- Updated C++ port, including new Data Matrix port
- Updated C# port
- Preliminary RSS-14 support
- Reconceived support for various image sources and thresholding
- Other small bug fixes and performance improvements
1.6 (20 Sept 2010)
- Many, many updates to C++, Symbian, iPhone ports
- RSS 14, Expanded support
- Code 93 support
- Codabar support
- Data Matrix support reaches release quality
- UPC/EAN +5 extension support
- Android app:
- Share history support
- Bulk scan mode
- Wi-fi configuration support
- Format available in callback for web-based integration
- Updated or new translations for:
Hungarian, Danish, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, Slovenian, Turkish
- UI beautification
- Added ability to detect multiple barcodes per image
- Many small bug fixes and enhancements
1.7 (8 June 2011)
- Initial support for Aztec codes
- Added the ability to read rectangular DataMatrix codes
- Added new lengths for ITF
- Dozens of bug fixes to core decoding routines
- New C# port
- Android app:
- Tablet support
- Many translations added and updated
- Support for new Intent parameters
- Many bug fixes and small features
- Mostly rewritten iPhone port
- New ZXingWidget library to include scanning in any iOS app
- Made CommandLineRunner multithreaded and recursive
2.0 (3 Feb 2012)
- core/ has been rewritten to work with Java 6
- core/ has new functionality:
- PDF 417 encoding (from Barcode4J)
- Codabar encoding
- partial Maxicode decoding support
- android/ and androidtest/ have been rewritten to work with Android 2.1+
- Uses new camera APIs
- Uses new contact APIs too
- (See separate Barcode Scanner release notes for version 4.0)
- has been rewritten to work with GWT 2.4
- cpp/, objc/ and iphone/ have received many ports of fixes and other functionality from Java, and changes to work with more recent iOS
- bug/, rim/, and javame/ have been removed
- Many, many small bug fixes and optimizations, mostly to core/ and android/
2.1 (22 Oct 2012)
- Many small fixes to handling of QR code data formats, like exotic URLs, and contact info
- Many small fixes to decoding and detection common barcode formats, like PDF417, Aztec. Small improvements
too like partial error correction for PDF417
- Many small updates to the Android app, Barcode Scanner, including rare bug fixes and translation updates.
The 2.1 release corresponds substantially to v4.3.1.
- Many ports of Java updates to C++ port
2.2 (14 May 2013)
- Retire Symbian port
- Retire C# port
- Improved PDF417 decoding, including macro PDF417
- Added Aztec and Data Matrix encoders
- Added RSS Expanded decoder
- Java, C++ and iPhone build system updates, including migration to Maven for most Java modules
- Many small fixes and improvements
- Many small updates to the Android app, Barcode Scanner, including rare bug fixes and translation updates.
The 2.2 release corresponds substantially to v4.3.2.
- Update web-based decoder for Amazon Elastic Beanstalk (and redeployed there)
- Many ports of Java updates to C++ and C# ports
- Standardize test system image processing and image format for reproducibility
2.3.0 (1 Dec 2013)
- Added clone of Google Chart Server QR code encoder API to zxingorg/, at endpoint /chart
- Updated generator to remove deprecated API usage, use latest GWT / App Engine
- Added skeleton Google Glass Mirror API app
- Improve and standardize Maven build, standardize directories and version naming
- Barcode Scanner Android up requires Android 4 and is updated to use Android 4+ APIs
- javase/ and zxingorg/ modules now use Java 7
- Many small fixes and improvements
- (Last release including cpp/ and iphone/ code)
3.0.0 (3 March 2014)
- iphone/, cpp/, objc/, and glass-mirror/ are retired
- Java 7 now used for all Java-based modules
- Project moved to
- Many small bug fixes and improvements
3.0.1 (18 April 2014)
- Several small bug fixes
3.1.0 (22 May 2014)
- Retire actionscript port
- Small bug fixes
3.2.0 (15 Feb 2015)
- Several bug fixes, especially for Data Matrix and PDF417 parsing
- Retired jruby binding
- Barcode Scanner can now disable history
3.2.1 (20 Aug 2015)
- Small bug fixes
3.3.0 (16 Sep 2016)
- Minor core API additions like 'Result.getNumBits', raw bytes for Aztec
- Small changes for Java 9 compatibility
- BS 4.7.6 release with Android API 23 support
- TIFF support in online decoder
- Many small bug fixes, typo fixes and project build improvements
3.3.1 (26 Oct 2017)
- Various fixes to Code 128, 39 encoding; DataMatrix decoding
- Improvements to speed and robustness of decoder
- Java 9 support
- Various translation updates for Barcode Scanner
- Removed Google Glass, ZXing Test apps
3.3.2 (31 Jan 2018)
- Add workaround for Gradle + Android build issues
- Minor DataMatrix bug fixes
- Improve WPA2 wi-fi configuration support in Barcode Scanner
- Various translation updates and minor improvements
3.3.3 (30 May 2018)
- Minor fixes and improvements
- Java 9+ support
3.4.0 (19 May 2019)
- Requires Java 8+
- core, javase modules declare a Java 9+ module
- HtmlAssetTranslator and StringsResourceTranslator legacy utilities are moved to a .client.j2se subpackage
- No more releases of the Barcode Scanner app
- Minor bug fixes to Code93Writer
- Minor improvements to QR code detection
3.4.1 (30 Sep 2020)
- Wifi QR codes now recognize PH2:, not H:, for phase 2 method
- Minor bug fixes and improvements
Note that further release notes will be published at
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