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It's the infrastructure code of an AWS Batch application that will schedule the long-running computing tasks in a cost effective best effect.


How to deploy batch demo app

# install dependencies of lambda functions
pip3 install -r assets/job-splitter/requirements.txt --target ./assets/job-splitter/
pip3 install -r assets/task-receiver/requirements.txt --target ./assets/task-receiver/
pip3 install -r assets/job-api/requirements.txt --target ./assets/job-api/

cdk deploy BatchAppStack
# or expose restful APIs via API Gateway
./node_modules/aws-cdk/bin/cdk deploy -cApiMode=restapi
# or secure the endpoints of API Gateway by all IAM users in current account
./node_modules/aws-cdk/bin/cdk deploy -cApiMode=restapi -c Auth=iam

Below resources would be created for this stack,

  • Lambda Function TaskReceiver to receive the job request behind a public ALB or API gateway based on the given ApiMode option
  • SQS queue will be created for receiving the job request messages
  • A batch job definition, job queue and compute environments created for computing the tasks. The batch definition will prefer to launch the spot instances for the jobs
  • Lambda Function JobSplitter will split the job requests to sub tasks, which submit the jobs to batch's job queue
  • A DynamoDB table would be created for presisting the job info and result of computing
  • A Lambda function JobAPI exposes the job data via restful API behind ALB


Schedule a long-running batch task behind ALB

curl -X PUT http://<alb hostname>:9999/v1/new-task  -H 'content-type:application/json' -d '{"job_id": "my-batch-job-id-xxsss22", "universe": ["000002.XSHE", "000004.XSHE"]}'
# Send request with AWS v4 signature
aws sts assume-role --role-arn arn:aws:iam::<accountid>:role/BatchAppStack-API-Execute-Role --role-session-name session1
# send request in Postman with AWS signature or generate v4 signature mannually per doc

Fetch the job status or result behind ALB

curl http://<alb hostname>:9999/v1/tasks/<job_id>
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