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-Sandbox to play with AArch64 for FreeBSD
+Sandbox to play with AArch64 for FreeBSD.
+To test this a FreeBSD and Linux machine are required. The FreeBSD machine
+will be used to build the code, the Linux machine will fun it in the ARMv8
+Foundation Model software and needs to be running a
+64-bit version of Linux.
-You will need a copy of binutils and GCC for FreeBSD/AArch64.
-They are available from:
+## Building
+You will need a FreeBSD toolchain targeted for AArch64. The script
+will download and build a copy of binutils and GCC patched for FreeBSD.
+### Build procedure
+The build uses FreeBSD make. It may not work on other operating systems.
+After fetching the sandbox source run the following:
+* only needs to be run once.
+* make will build the test kernel and foundation model loader
+### Running
+Download the ARMv8 Foundation Model software from
+To run:
+/path/to/model/Foundation_v8 --image /path/to/sandbox/boot-wrapper-aarch64/linux-system.axf
+Where /path/to/model is the location of the ARMv8 Foundation Model and
+/path/to/sandbox is the location of this code.
+## Toolchain
+The patch toolchain are available from:
* binutils:
* GCC:
-External tools
+The setup script will automatically download and build them, there is no need
+to do it manually.
+## External tools
* The foundation model is available from:
* The boot-wrapper-aarch64 is modified from: git://

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