Sandbox to play with AArch64 for FreeBSD
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Sandbox to play with AArch64 for FreeBSD.

To test this a FreeBSD and Linux machine are required. The FreeBSD machine will be used to build the code, the Linux machine will fun it in the ARMv8 Foundation Model software and needs to be running a 64-bit version of Linux.


You will need a FreeBSD toolchain targeted for AArch64. The script will download and build a copy of binutils and GCC patched for FreeBSD.

Build procedure

The build uses FreeBSD make. It may not work on other operating systems.

After fetching the sandbox source run the following:

  • only needs to be run once.
  • make will build the test kernel and foundation model loader


Download the ARMv8 Foundation Model software from

To run:

/path/to/model/Foundation_v8 --image /path/to/sandbox/boot-wrapper-aarch64/linux-system.axf

Where /path/to/model is the location of the ARMv8 Foundation Model and /path/to/sandbox is the location of this code.


The patch toolchain are available from:

The setup script will automatically download and build them, there is no need to do it manually.

External tools

  • The foundation model is available from:
  • The boot-wrapper-aarch64 is modified from: git://