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@@ -7,29 +7,18 @@ This package contains Python bindings for `JLog
message queue with multiple subscribers and publishers (both thread and
multi-process safe).
-Building and installation
-To build and install this Python package, you will first need to build
-and install JLog itself. After you have done this, follow these steps:
+- JLog (
-First, edit the `include_dirs` and `library_dirs` fields of the
-:file:`setup.cfg` file in this directory to point to the directories that
-contain the library and header file for your JLog installation.
-Second, run this command::
+Run this command::
python install
-If you want to develop this package, instead of this last command do::
- python build_ext --inplace
- python develop
-This will build the C extension inplace and then put this directory on your
-``sys.path``. With this setup you only have to run ``python build_ext
---inplace`` each time you change the ``.pyx`` files.

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