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A Fast and Accurate One-Stage Approach to Visual Grounding, ICCV 2019 (Oral)
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One-Stage Visual Grounding

A Fast and Accurate One-Stage Approach to Visual Grounding

by Zhengyuan Yang, Boqing Gong, Liwei Wang, Wenbing Huang, Dong Yu, and Jiebo Luo

IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2019, Oral


We propose a simple, fast, and accurate one-stage approach to visual grounding. For more details, please refer to our paper.


  title={A Fast and Accurate One-Stage Approach to Visual Grounding},
  author={Yang, Zhengyuan and Gong, Boqing and Wang, Liwei and Huang
    , Wenbing and Yu, Dong and Luo, Jiebo},


  • Python 3.5 (3.6 tested)
  • Pytorch 0.4.1
  • Others (Pytorch-Bert, OpenCV, Matplotlib, scipy, etc.)


  1. Clone the repository

    git clone
  2. Prepare the submodules and associated data

  • RefCOCO & ReferItGame Dataset: place the data or the soft link of dataset folder under ./ln_data/. We follow dataset structure DMS. To accomplish this, the bash script from DMS can be used.
    bash ln_data/ --path ./ln_data
  • Flickr30K Entities Dataset: please download the images for the dataset on the website for the Flickr30K Entities Dataset and the original Flickr30k Dataset. Images should be placed under ./ln_data/Flickr30k/flickr30k_images.

  • Data index: download the generated index files and place them as the ./data folder. Availble at [Gdrive], [One Drive].

    rm -r data
    tar xf data.tar
  • Model weights: download the pretrained model of Yolov3 and place the file in ./saved_models.

    sh saved_models/

More pretrained models are availble in the performance table [Gdrive], [One Drive] and should also be placed in ./saved_models.


  1. Train the model, run the code under main folder. Using flag --lstm to access lstm encoder, Bert is used as the default. Using flag --light to access the light model.

    python --data_root ./ln_data/ --dataset referit \
      --gpu gpu_id --batch_size 32 --resume saved_models/lstm_referit_model.pth.tar \
      --lr 1e-4 --nb_epoch 100 --lstm
  2. Evaluate the model, run the code under main folder. Using flag --test to access test mode.

    python --data_root ./ln_data/ --dataset referit \
      --gpu gpu_id --resume saved_models/lstm_referit_model.pth.tar \
      --lstm --test
  3. Visulizations. Flag --save_plot will save visulizations.

Performance and Pre-trained Models

Please check the detailed experiment settings in our paper.

Dataset Ours-LSTM Performance (Accu@0.5) Ours-Bert Performance (Accu@0.5)
ReferItGame Gdrive 58.76 Gdrive 59.30
Flickr30K Entities One Drive 67.62 One Drive 68.69
RefCOCO val: 73.66 val: 72.05
testA: 75.78 testA: 74.81
testB: 71.32 testB: 67.59


Part of the code or models are from DMS, MAttNet, Yolov3 and Pytorch-yolov3.

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