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Automatically generated api client for the Steam Web API.
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Automatically generated api client for the Steam Web API in style of the google-api-php-client.

Packagist License

Automatically generated?

Yeah, every API interface (those are not php interfaces) got generated automatically from the /ISteamWebAPIUtil/GetSupportedAPIList/v1/ method. Only the classes outside of the Interfaces directory are written from hand.

This way it is easy for me to keep the api updated because i just need to run the generation command every time valve changes something.


In your project-root:

composer require --update-no-dev zyberspace/steam-web-api-client

Composer will then automatically add the package to your project requirements and install it (also creates the composer.json if you don't have one already).

Client structure

The client is structured in 3 peaces:

  • The Client class which saves your api key and takes care of the actual api calls.
  • The api interfaces which are automatically generated and provide the api methods to call.
  • The InterfaceGenerator which generated the interfaces. You don't need this one except you want to update the saved interface classes.
    (Use it by installing the dev dependencies and the execute composer generate-interfaces [your api key].)


If you installed the client with composer like above and already obtained your api key from valve these are the 4 steps to use the api:

  1. Require the composer autoloader

  2. Create the Steam Web API Client

    $client = new \Zyberspace\SteamWebApi\Client('[your api key goes here]');
  3. Create an instance of the api interface you want to use

    $steamUser = new \Zyberspace\SteamWebApi\Interfaces\ISteamUser($client);
  4. Make your call to the method you want to use

    $response = $steamUser->GetPlayerSummariesV2('76561198059720690');

Every method returns an object build from the json response. If you want to know more about the response format of every specific method, check the Steam Web API documentation.


$client = new \Zyberspace\SteamWebApi\Client($_ENV['STEAM_WEB_API_KEY']);
$steamUser = new \Zyberspace\SteamWebApi\Interfaces\ISteamUser($client);
$response = $steamUser->GetPlayerSummariesV2(implode(',', $steamIds));


Working with multiple optional arguments

If the method you need has multiple optional arguments but you don't want to use all of them, set the non-needed arguments to null. This is also the default value for them and will therefore be ignored by the client.


To create the docs, just run phpdoc in the the project-root.
An online-version is available at

For more information about the api interfaces and the methods please refer to the Steam Web API documentation.


This software is licensed under the Mozilla Public License v. 2.0. For more information, read the file LICENSE.

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