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NewRelic OpenWrt Plugin

Monitor your OpenWrt installation with a simple shell script


  • A New Relic account. Signup for a free account at

  • A server running Memcached v1.4 or greater. Download the latest version of Memcached for free here.

  • cURL package

    To install cURL:

    ipkg update
    ipkg install curl

Running the Agent

  1. Copy the file to a directory of your choice

  2. At the top of the script, fill in:

    • Router hostname
    • Router name*
    • Your New Relic license key

    *Name is the value that will be displayed in the New Relic UI.

       licensekey="insert your license key"
       host="insert router hostname"
       name="insert router name"
  3. Make the file executable: chmod +x ./

  4. Create a cron job that executes the script every minute: */1 * * * * /<directory>/

After a few minutes, you should see a new menu called OpenWrt in your NewRelic web-console


The project's source code is hosted at: