Make images into Minecraft maps to use as posters
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Minecraft Poster Maker
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Minecraft Poster Maker

Convert images into Minecraft maps to use as posters.


  • Mac OS X 10.8 or newer
  • Minecraft Java Edition 1.7.2 or newer


  • Reduces the image to a palette suitable for Minecraft maps
  • Saves the maps into a Minecraft world
  • Optionally adds maps to a user's inventory
  • Adjust conversion speed, dithering and quality in Preferences
  • Choose the Map ID, or have it chosen automatically
  • Export as schematic


  1. Paste or drop an image into the app window
  2. Adjust the size if needed (shown as number of maps)
  3. Choose Save from the File menu (or ⌘S) and save into a Minecraft world
  4. Open the world in Minecraft, and place the maps in item frames appropriately