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Kernel Panic Simulator Written by Jesús A. Álvarez Distributed under the WTFPL

What is iPanic?

iPanic recreates a kernel panic, disabling application switching and force quit for added realism, but you can quit it easily with Command-Q.

Version History

1.1.3 - 15th May 2016

  • Support for HiDPI resolutions
  • No longer a Universal Binary (Xcode 7 limitation)

1.1.2 - 19th December 2009

  • Show new kernel panic image when running on Snow Leopard

1.1.1 - 19th December 2007

  • Added big icon for Leopard

1.1 - 2nd May 2007

  • Carbon version, smaller and faster

1.0.1 - 13th November 2006

  • Compiled as Universal Binary, it's now over 7 MB! 🍋🍋🍋

1.0 - 23rd September 2006

  • First version, made with REALbasic
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