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Built in Vim linter for Julia
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Julia linter for Vim

This plugin adds linting for Julia by using the Neomake plugin and the Lint.jl Julia package.


You should be able to install it as you would any other plugin using your preferred plugin manager (e.g. Pathogen, Vundle...). You must also have the Neomake plugin installed, and the Lint.jl package in Julia. Please make sure that you have the head version of Lint.jl (use Pkg.clone("Lint") instead of Pkg.add("Lint")).


$ cd ~/.vim/bundle
$ git clone
$ git clone
$ julia -e 'Pkg.clone("Lint")'

(Use .nvim if you are using Neovim)


Add the following lines to your .vimrc (.nvimrc if using Neovim)

Plugin 'benekastah/neomake'
Plugin 'zyedidia/julialint.vim'

Then run

$ julia -e 'Pkg.clone("Lint")'


When you run :Neomake Lint.jl will be run on the current file and any errors or warnings will pop up on the side of the screen. The very first time you check for errors, give the plugin some time to start up (10 seconds maybe, it has to load lint and the functions...). If you would like to see a full list of errors and warnings, you can open the location list with :lopen (see more information with :h location-list).

If you have a project with multiple files and would like to lint the top level one and not the one being currently edited, place a file called .julialint in the top level directory, and in the first line of that file, write the name of the top level file you would like the linter to use. The linter will search in higher directories and find the .julialint file.

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