My tools related to development of snappy
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Snappy Development Tools

This repository holds my personal snappy development tools. Improvements are welcome, just shoot merge requests at me.

My work-flow involves using a checkout of in my $GOPATH, building and testing various parts of snappy during daily development.

Working with developer boards and VMs

For on-device testing I use the ubuntu-image script to build development images. Once a device is "flashed" it can stay up indefinitely. Devices that don't have automatic update available need to be re-flashed periodically, as updates are rolled out.

For on-VM testing I use ubuntu-image --developer-mode pc along with run-devel-vm pc. The VM can be killed at any time, nothing that is changed in the VM is persistent.

In both cases I use the refresh-bits script to push new, snap, snapd and snappy (deprecated) binaries over. This requires a certain SSH setup:

SSH configuration

If you are going to use any remote machines please ensure that you can connect to them with SSH without a password prompt. In addition you should not need a password to use sudo.