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About the fork
This project is a fork of apparently dead "django-pagination" project
originally written by 'Eric Florenzano'. It is maintained by the Linaro
Validation/Infrastructure team. Latest releases can be found on launchpad and
We are in the process of deciding how to properly host and manage the project.
Feel free to hop to #linaro on and ask either 'zyga' or
'mwhudson' about this.
About top-level package name change
The top level package name was changed from `pagination` to
`linaro-django-pagination`. I did this to ensure that existing users of the
original package could easily transition, on their own terms. Since both
packages are co-installable you are free to check things out and see if the new
pagination code works well for you or not.
Also, since the implementation of the actual tags was rewritten I would not
feel entirely confident that the new package is a drop-in replacement.
We would like to welcome any and all contributors. Please use the pull request
feature on github.
How to use linaro-django-pagination
See our official documentation for more details.
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