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[glossary] Making the glossary sort by default and slightly modifying…

… the format so so that it would render correctly.
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13 glossary.rst
@@ -4,28 +4,29 @@ Glossary
.. glossary::
+ :sorted:
- Project
+ Project
A *Project* is a directory composed of an Application, a set of
bundles, vendor libraries, an autoloader, and web front controller
- Application
+ Application
An *Application* is a directory containing the *configuration* for a
given set of Bundles.
- Bundle
+ Bundle
A *Bundle* is a structured set of files (PHP files, stylesheets,
JavaScripts, images, ...) that *implement* a single feature (a blog,
a forum, ...) and which can be easily shared with other developers.
- Front Controller
+ Front Controller
A *Front Controller* is a short PHP that lives in the web directory
of your project. Typically, *all* requests are handled by executing
the same front controller, whose job is to bootstrap the Symfony
- Service
+ Service
A *Service* is a generic term for any PHP object that performs a
specific task. A service is usually used "globally", such as a database
connection object or an object that delivers email messages. In Symfony2,
@@ -33,7 +34,7 @@ Glossary
An application that has many decoupled services is said to follow
a `service-oriented architecture`_.
- Service Container
+ Service Container
A *Service Container*, also known as a *Dependency Injection Container*,
is a special object that manages the instantiation of services inside
an application. Instead of creating services directly, the developer

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