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Red It: A Reddit browser for a webOS Tablets
Copyright (C) 2011  Adam R. Drew adam@linkedlistcorruption.com

About Red It:
Red It is a Reddit browser for the TouchPad.

Red It is free software under the terms of the GPLv3. See the COPYING
file for more information. 

NOTE: Red It is no longer under active development. After the situation
with HP and the TouchPad Adam (Red It's developer)  has lost interest and
trust in HP and the webOS platform. Red It 2.0.2 will be the last version
of Red It Adam will be publishing to the App Catalog.  

Installing Red It:
You can download Red It from the App Catalog (so long as it continues
to function.) If the App Catalog has shut down or you are unable to
reach it for whatever reason, or if you want to run the newest bits,
you can do the following:

1. Install the webOS SDK:

2. Put your device into developer mode
- Click on the "Just Type" bar
- Enter upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart into the "Just Type" bar
- Click the "Developer Mode" icon that appears

3. USB tether your device to your computer

4. Run the included makeinstall.sh script

The app should now appear in the app launcher. You can use the two included
log scripts to view error and debug logs. These are simple 1 or 2 line scripts
made out of laziness. Feel free to use them or not.

Questions, help, or comments:
There's a "Help" option in the app menu (in the upper left-hand corner
of the screen.) That provides some basic help. There's also a text
button style option under there that will display text names for the 
buttons if you are having trouble understanding what the function of a 
button is.

Red It is no longer under active development so Adam is not soliciting
or acting on comments or requests. If there is a show stopping bug let
Adam know and he'll try to fix it but minor bugs wont be resolved. If
you are interested in mantaining Red It let Adam know.

Thanks to everyone who's used Red It and who's given me feedback, ideas,
and suggestions. I really enjoyed developing Red It and genuinely hope
people find it useful. 

Thanks to everyone on /r/palm and everyone who wrote in ideas, suggestion,
and bugs.

Thanks to everyone at Palm who gave it one last go and who designed, 
developed, and shipped a tablet and OS that had so much potential
that will never be realized. Had you been allowed to see this thing 
through I truly believe the TouchPad and its decendants would have made a 
major dent in the market. With time it would have really gained traction.
Cupertino-worshipping iWhatever-carrying skinny-jeans-and-thick-rimmed-glasses
tech bloggers may have all groupthink-colluded to ensure the TouchPad would
be universally panned but every "real person" who spent time with one 
came away impressed. You guys had the winning formula, you just weren't
given time.

And a big honking FUCK YOU to HP. You hear me HP? FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU WITH A
example of corporate trash. Absolute fucking sleaze. Scum. Worse than scum.
The scum you scrape off other scum. I wish you nothing but failure, scorn,
and humilation in your new ventures. I never wish anyone bodily harm or
pain but I do wish you constant physical annoyance - all of you - I hope
everyone in HP corporate is victem to multiple toe stubbings, funny-bone-whacks,
paper cuts, accidental-deep-breaths-of-pepper-at-lunch, and other such
bothersome happenings multiple times per day for life. Go to fucking hell
you sleazy reptilian peices of shit. :P