Featured posts and slideshow show the wrong title and thumbnail [moved] #27

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This is Issue 108 moved from a Google Code project.
Added by 2011-01-01T16:34:06.000Z by KimmyNor...@gmail.com.
Please review that bug for more context and additional comments, but update this bug.

Original labels: Type-Defect, Priority-Medium

Original description

<b>What steps will reproduce the problem?</b>
1. Choose 3 featured posts in node form.
2. Choose categories, but not sticky posts
3. Excerpt = 30 words + Auto Thumbnails checked

<b>What is the expected output? What do you see instead?</b>
I expect to see the correct thumbnail and title associated to the post both in the slideshow and the featured nodebased list.

Instead the slideshow shows the featured image of the last post I have published. And when you browse through the available posts in the slideshow it gives you the title of the latest post but the excerpt is correct.

This problem is also present for the featured node list. All nodes gets the thumbnail and title of my latest published post, but the correct excerpt. The links from each thumbnail goes to the correct posts, but the title is linked to the latest published post.

When I choose for the featured section not only all my categories, but also the sticky posts. It shows 10 posts in nodeform with the correct thumbnail and posttitle...even though I have NO sticky posts and only 3 nodeposts set.

I tried the same approach for the slideshow but the only change is that when I add the sticky posts in my marking together with all the categories, the slideshow disapears altogether.

<b>What versions of WordPress and Arras Theme are you using?</b>
Wordpress: 3.04

<b>Please include the link to your installation.</b>

<b>Please provide any additional information below.</b>
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