Featured Posts and Latest Headlines not working as expected [moved] #6

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This is Issue 71 moved from a Google Code project.
Added by 2010-08-21T14:37:27.000Z by zisha...@gmail.com.
Please review that bug for more context and additional comments, but update this bug.

Original labels: Type-Defect, Priority-Medium

Original description

<b>What steps will reproduce the problem?</b>
1. Go to Theme Options -> Home
2. Setup any options for Featured Posts or News Posts
3. Go back to the website's home page

<b>What is the expected output? What do you see instead?</b>
I expect to see output from all the categories, but it either selects only the first category, i.e. as another user mentioned category with id=1. In my case sometimes it shows only the very first post from this category. Only if a category is specifically selected in the settings, then it works fine but only for that particular category, not for others.

Similarly the Latest Headlines is also not working right, somewhat is the same fashion as the above.

<b>What versions of WordPress and Arras Theme are you using?</b>
WP 3.0.1, Arras

<b>Please include the link to your installation.</b>

<b>Please provide any additional information below.</b>
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