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zynamics IDA2SQL IDA Pro Plugin has moved to Google Code

This repository has moved to Google Code:


The module is distributed as two files:    (the file run from IDA, it imports
                the main part of the code in the ZIP file)   (A zipped module implementing all the
                functionality, it's created by zipping the
                ida_to_sql directory)

ida2sql is licensed under the GPL 2 license. See gpl.txt for more information.


Drop the ZIP file inside the IDA plugins directory. That's all. Just run the script from within IDA afterwards.

The configuration file:

If a file named "ida2sql.cfg" is placed in the IDA top level folder the
database information will be loaded from it. Allowing to quickly export
by just calling the "" from within IDA.
See the example ida2sql.cfg file included.

Special features/Notes:

If a file named "function_set.txt" exists in IDA's root directory (where
IDA's binaries reside) it will be loaded and only functions listed on it
will be exported. 

The file should contain the hexadecimal start address of the functions
that should be exported, one per line.

Note 1: if there are any imported symbols referred to from those functions,
those will also be exported.

Note 2: The exporter might display some errors towards the end of the export.
It will complain because not all the constraints of the database are fulfilled
as there might be references to functions that are not exported. Those errors
can be ignored.


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