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Note that the simplest and recommended way to install Zync plugins is through the Zync Client Application (see instructions). The steps described below are for advanced users and we recommend to proceed with them only if you need to modify the plugin code for your custom needs.


To install plugin one has to take the following steps:

  1. Clone this repository into your machine.

  2. Find your houdini.env file. How to find houdini.env. Add the following section to this file.

    HOUDINI_PATH = "$HOUDINI_PATH;/path/to/zync-houdini/;&"

    Be careful about preserving ;& at the end. If you are using Windows make sure you are using forward slashes / instead of backslashes. Ex. Z:/plugins/zync-houdini Remember to replace path with the proper path to zync-houdini directory.

  3. Clone zync-python repository. Then, take one of these steps:

    • Add ZYNC_API_DIR environment variable containing path to zync-python.
    • Create and put path to zync-python in API_DIR variable.
  4. Restart Houdini.

Verification of the installation

In order to check if the plugin was installed properly launch Houdini and go to /out network. Verify that Zync tool appears under Farm section of the Tool Menu.

preview of zync tool location