cocos2d JavaScript test cases and games.
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cocos2d JavaScript tests and games

These tests and games are shared by the following projects:

If you modify the a test, please test it with all the projects to ensure 100% API compatibility between all the projects.


cocos2d JS tests

Running the tests and games

For cocos2d-html5

$ git clone git://
$ cd cocos2d-html5
$ git submodule update --init
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

... and run a brower and open it in localhost:8000/samples

For cocos2d-iphone

$ git clone git://
$ cd cocos2d-iphone
$ git checkout develop-v2
$ git submodule update --init
$ open cocos2d-tests-ios.xcodeproj
  • Select the "JS Test" scheme in Xcode
  • Run it

Xcode JS-Tests

For cocos2d-x

$ git clone git://
$ cd cocos2d-x
$ git checkout gles20
$ git submodule update --init

run on iOS

$ open samples/Javascript/TestJavascript/proj.ios/TestJavascript.xcodeproj
  • Select the "TestJavascript" scheme in Xcode
  • Run it

run on Android

  • Install Android NDK developement environment
  • Define environment variable "NDK_ROOT" which means the directory NDK installed in
  • Run the following command
$ cd Samples/TestJavascript/
$ ./

Generating Published files

Before running Crystal Craze and Cocos Dragon, you need to open the CocosBuilder project file and press publish.

  1. Open the CrystalCraze.ccbproj file with CocosBuilder (located here: games/CrystalCraze/CrystalCraze.ccbproj )
  2. CocosBuilder -> File -> Publish
  3. Repeat those steps for CocosDragon

Automated tests

Automated tests are not ready yet. In the meantime use the obsolete method of updating the following spreadsheet:


Code once, run everywhere. These tests can be run unmodified in the following platforms:

  • In any browser ( with cocos2d-html5 )
  • iOS ( with cocos2d-x / cocos2d-iphone + JS Bindings)
  • Android ( with cocos2d-x + JS Bindings )
  • Mac ( with cocos2d-iphone + JS Bindings )


Crystal Craze

Crystal Craze

It is a simple puzzle game. It uses:

  • CocosBuilder
  • cocos2d

Play it online: Web version

Licensed under MIT.

Watermelon with Me

Watermelon With Me

It is a simple physics game. It uses:

  • cocos2d
  • Chipmunk
  • CocosBuilder

Play it online: Web version

Licensed under MIT.



It is a simple platformer game. It uses:

  • cocos2d
  • CocosBuilder

Play it online: Web version

Licensed under MIT.

Moon Warriors

Moon Warriors

It is a simple shooter game. It uses:

  • cocos2d

Play it online: Web version

Art and audio is copyrighted by Enigmata Genus Revenge, you may not use any copyrighted material without permission.

This showcase is licensed under GPL


  • Programmer: Shengxiang Chen, Dingping Lv
  • Effects animation: Hao Wu
  • Quality Assurance: Shun Lin